About Us

AZADEH HAMI is a contemporary jewellery designer with over 10 years experience in design, build and fabrication of jewellery, using gold along with precious and semi precious stones. Azadeh brings her creative imagination in to designs that are uniquely different to many other designers.

Azadeh, known as Azy to her friends, started her passion for jewellery from an early age. At only 9 years of age, she made various shapes using soft metals and made small rings and toys for her friends and family. Her love of the nature gave her the inspiration to mix colors using semi-precious stones creating very exciting designs for rings, necklaces and earrings.

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After finishing her first degree in languages, specializing in German, Azadeh undertook a course in the United Kingdom England (Scotland) for jewellery design. Azadeh worked for over 9 years in a boutique jewellery store where she became familiar with the challenges involved in running a boutique designer jewellery business. Azadeh’s attention to detail and ability to appreciate good artwork and design has earned her the respect of friends and colleagues across the industry. Azadeh sells jewellery designed and created by herself as well as other well established brands. She has been involved in setting up annual jewellery shows and understands well the needs of her customers.

Azadeh is the founder and principle designer at AZY JEWELLERY and is working with her team to grow into a global, successful brand. With her team she looks to grow her brand, AZY, globally. With the support of a colleague, Azy started AZYJEWELLERY.COM a portal designed to provide access to high quality diamonds at very competitive prices.

AZY and AZY Jewellery are two brands that are owned by Valatec DMCC, which is a registered company in Dubai Multi Commodities Centre license number DMCC 068166. Copyright © 2014 AZY Jewellery (part of Valatec DMCC), All rights reserved

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